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Fans of Richard Hammond
Article: "Richard Hammond's wife bans him from power tools." 
12th-Dec-2009 04:40 pm
{dw} clara, my clara
New article from The Daily Star, and I don't know whether to be worried or amused!

MINI speed demon Richard “The Hamster” Hammond has been banned from using power tools because he’s so accident-prone.

The 39-year-old Top Gear star’s missus Mindy, 38, tells us: “I don’t allow him to use them any more because every time he picked up a drill he’d go through electric wires.

“He drilled into a cable and went flying across the room and I thought: ‘That’s it!’

“I don’t even let him chop wood any more. When it comes to the home, I’m in charge.”

Article: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/goss/view/112358/Richard-Hammond-s-wife-bans-him-from-power-tools/
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