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2nd-Sep-2009 07:29 pm(no subject)
{dw} clara, my clara
As we are getting closer to this year's Top Gear Live world tour, it won't be long until the tickets go on sale in each city. I went to TGL in Sydney this year, and am wanting to go next year to both the Sydney show and the Auckland show. The problem is, I wanted to go there to see Hammond, and on each of those sites Hammond isn't listed as a presenter, only Jeremy is.

He's not even listed as a presenter on the London/Birmingham shows, which is a little odd.

It might be a long shot, but has anyone heard anything about Richard being a presenter at any of the Top Gear Live shows? 
10th-Jun-2009 12:44 am - Petrolheads :)

I hope this is allowed :)

I was wondering If anyone had all the episodes from the brilliant show that Richard was a captain on called Petrolheads, Neil Morrissey hosted it and James may and Jeremy clarkson were also featured. I think it was originally shown on the Discovery channel. I would be soo grateful if someone has them :D


12th-Apr-2009 09:18 pm(no subject)
{dw} clara, my clara
Hope this is allowed...

Vote for Richard!

20th-Jan-2009 03:41 pm(no subject)
hamster is mr darcy
Because my dissertation is boring, and because I need to exorcise the demons of the way the Dave channel butchered this episode last night, I bring you 80 icons from the awesome and hilarious Top Gear Vietnam Special.


Icons this way @ hobbit_iconses
8th-Jan-2009 10:18 pm - new comm!
richard STAR!
Do you love the UK motoring show Top Gear? Do you think Jeremy Clarkson is a loud-mouthed boor but you can't help but like him anyway the best presenter ever? Do you want to run your fingers through James May's hair, or do you want to take a pair of scissors to it? Is Richard Hammond the possessor of hedgehog hair cutest thing on two legs? This community is for the discussion of anything related to Top Gear or its presenters. Everything is welcome: fic (het, gen, slash); picspams; art and/or graphics; links to squee; discussions about the presenters' other shows or newspaper columns and probably anything else you would like to post.

Come join us in cockingabout, and feel free to pimp to your friends!

(x-posted everywhere, sorry if you see it multiple times!)
4th-Jan-2009 05:46 pm(no subject)
There's an interview in the Celebs on Sunday Magazine that comes with the Sunday Mirror.
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